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       Napal, is  a diverse geographical,multicultural and a beautiful small country, lies in the great refuse of the giant himalayas. As the Himalayas had been a symbol of peace and pride likewise , this mountainous nation has kept its pride for all the time. Adjectives are always have been less to describe and explain it, as it offer something extra beyond the words. So, here the best is to self experience and explore the country within nature and culture together. The self discovery is said to be the real travel in the world. So, land of brave Gorkhas , the secret land for spiritual yogis and ultimately the motherland of Supreme Enlightened “ BUDDHA” welcomes your next trip in Nepal. 

       The country proudly declare its unity in diversity, such small nation has 69 types of ethnic groups and almost 125 types of dialects.Every culture different but feeling is same the brotherhood and the love for each other. This country from long has been the symbol of friendliness and honesty. The simple but honest people has such pure smile in the face that are rare in the world. Therefore  now Nepal has became a country of smiling people, whose smile is never comparable to anyone in this world,in other word “happy people”.

The term in economic science is poor but in natural science and for social science Nepal is the prefect place for the biodiversity and ecosystem moreover the content and real happy people, where the day starts with faith  and night starts with bliss. The religious people are very common in Nepal, majority of the population follows hinduism with its own features and unique practices. The democratic nation is always respectful to other faiths as well,so we can observe the buddhist monasteries  commonly in this land. Lamas and Sadhus are same for every Nepal.

So the land of Buddha really offers you a perfect chance to experience the real buddhism in the world. though the  name is different but you can feel the authentic principal of buddhism in even in lay man who never had chance to visit the monastery for any preaching. Therefore honesty,happiness and simplicity have become the gift by birth for nepalis people for centuries.

So,finally on behalf of these people “happy trips” or 幸福之游welcomes you with the promise to make your trip a memorable one in Nepal. thank you.

Naturally Nepal Once Is Not Enough !

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