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Mystery of ancient 3,000 years old cave in Mustang Nepal

Secret of the antiquated kingdom found in Nepal where a huge number of hollows are cut 155ft off the ground
An expected 10,000 of the caverns have been found in the previous Kingdom of Mustang in North, Central Nepal

They have either been dove into the cliffside or burrowed from above
Caves are a huge number of years old
be that as it may, who manufactured them and why remains a puzzle.

The greater part of the caverns are currently unfilled, however others hint at household home — hearths, grain-stockpiling receptacles, and dozing spaces. A few hollows were clearly utilized as burial chambers. The few dozen bodies that were found in these holes were all over 2,000 years of age. They lay on wooden bed and decorated with copper gems and glass globules.

In different holes, skeletons dating from the third to the eighth hundreds of years, before Buddhism came to Mustang, had cut blemishes on the bones that may have been delivered amid the act of sky entombment, where the body's tissue is cut into little pieces and left to be eaten by vultures. Sky burial is as yet practiced in numerous remote areas in the Himalaya.

Archeologists trust that the collapses Mustang were utilized as a part of three general periods. They were first utilized exactly 3,000 years prior as burial chambers. At that point around 1,000 years back, they turned out to be essentially living quarters, maybe to escape fights and gatecrashers into the valley. At long last, by the 1400s, a great many people had moved into customary towns and the holes moved toward becoming spots of contemplation. Some of these hollows were transformed into religious communities, for example, the Luri Gompa, the Chungsi Cave cloister and the Nyiphuk Cave Monastery, which were all worked around and inside the caverns.

luri Gompa is a standout amongst the most well known in Mustang. The religious community is determined to an edge, no less than a hundred meter high starting from the earliest stage, one of the numerous normal column like sandstone structures. A winding trail climbs the distance from the base of the valley to a solitary passage entryway that leads into two interconnecting chambers. The external chamber contains a holy place, while the internal chamber — the fundamental fortune of Luri Gompa—is wonderfully enlivened with a progression of artistic creations portraying Indian Mahasiddhas — holy people who were said to have accomplished siddhi, or unprecedented powers by contemplation. No documentation relating to this baffling gompa or religious community has been found, yet the divider canvases have all the earmarks of being have been made in the fourteenth century or much prior.

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