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Monday, 06 March 2017 00:00

Nepali festivals

Holi the festival of colors as different meaning for different people. As per religious reference it means the fete and bustling celebration victory over evils. But these days we celebrate it with different perspective.Some body regards this as time of reunion or some body as new begin of friendship and cordiality. Any ways there goes a lot of vibrating activities in between the Holi. The colors are the most attraction for all people yet the most important thing is Bhang ( made from marijuana) a herbal toxic brings a lot of fun to the celebrator. It is taken in the form of liquid specially in milk some takes in sweet item like sweets as well, as it makes little fun too. 

The fete is normally at begins in the month of March, so during this time in India and Nepal you can enjoy a lot either by observing or by taking part in it 

Good luck every body


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